Lab Shakers


The unit is designed for quick and safe disposal of Medical waste of Hospital/Nursing Homes, Industries, Bio-Medical, and Experimental Animals Bodies. WORKING PRINCIPLE: It works on thermal destruction using controlled combustion chamber, combustion is controlled and provide enough heat to destroy the waste into disposable state.


Combustion chamber is well insulated and has high temperature safe dosing and exhaust system. It has long and safe treatment of flew gases for safe disposal through long stack.


Panel is consisting of Microprocessor based PID Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller, ON/OFF switch. Chamber Capacity 3Kg 5 Kg Incinerator consists of combustion chamber, combined with a ash box and a removal door. The secondary chamber provides a post combustion chamber to ensure that all gases are re-burnt. There is lockable front loading door. It is fabricated out of thick MS sheet with a 6cm thick refractory lining for insulation which keeps the heat inside the chamber whilst allowing cool walls on the outside. The unit is also fitted with environment friendly water circulation system. Working temp. 1150°C controlled with Digital Temp. Controller. Size of Heating chamber: 12” x 12” x 18” ( 3 Kg) Size of Heating chamber: 12” x 12” x 24” ( 5 Kg)

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