Water Distillation Machine


Water Distillation Still Manesty Type single walled for continuous distillation made of all stainless steel. It provides water of High purity pyrogen free, Schools, Colleges, Universities & Research Laboratories. The instrument is having constant level device and fitted with immersion heaters having automatic cut out device, operating 220/230 Volts AC/DC.

Capacity :

2 Lt/hr 1.5 KW
4 Lt/hr 3.0 KW
6 Lt/hr 4.5 KW
8 Lt/hr 5.0 KW
10 Lt/hr 6.0 KW


The still is made of S.Steel. The special feature of these stills are that the water passing through the inlet into the still flows around outside the condenser tube where it becomes heated nearly to the boiling point. The pre-heated water next pass out of the condenser into the constant level device to give off all dissolved gases and volatile impurities. The water in the boiling pan is converted into pure clean steam which rises through the baffle and passes over into the condenser tube to be condensed there into distilled water. The boiling pan can be thoroughly cleaned by opening the easy screws provided at the top. Heaters are fitted with auto ejection device, if the heaters are overheated because of running without water then it will automatically eject the connectors. Suitable for operation on 220-230 volts AC/DC Mains.

Approx. Output

3 Lt Per Hr 2 KW
4 Lt Per Hr 3 KW
6 Lt Per Hr 4.5 KW
10 Lt Per Hr 5 KW
20 Lt Per Hr 15 KW

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